Friday, February 21, 2014

Out With The Old And In With The New

So the blog hasn't been a very busy place lately, but I can assure you the Symposium cogs have been turning.

Here's a brief whirlwind summary of 2013:

In 2013 we started out now bi-annual tradition of Kick-off slams in the Red Room. These slams hark back to the good old Ancient Greek tradition of sharing wisdom over an urn of wine, or in this case, a bottle of cider. Nonetheless, these events are nothing short of fabulous and if you're a poet looking for an excuse to glam up a little, do some laundry and put on your favourite shirt, these are the events for you.

Last year we were lucky enough to have local legend
Jonathan Sri as a guest poet to our inaugural slam and every semester, the guest list gets better and better, with our own poets joining the fray.

We've also had a few more kick-back events,
with our casual library slams giving us even more reasons to have fun (and eat an healthy balanced pizza diet).

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and when the kitty started to run dry, it was at these slams that the Potluck Poetry event was born.

For Potluck Poetry, poets each put their poem into a hat and draw out another poet's work at random. Not only does it take the pressure off performing your own work, it's always interesting to hear your own words in someone else's voice.

It is with great regret however that I wish to inform you all that the Batman Mask worn by the judges (pictured opposite) has been removed from service due to a rather unceremonious crack running its entirety.

But I won't end this post on a bad note, so here's what's happening this year:

  • Our book release! For years we've been talking and talking about wanting to publish a book of poems. Well now it's here. Titled 'We'll Be Famous When We're Dead', you can buy our snazzy title from the LuLu website, or from us directly. (Come drop by on Market Day to pick up a copy)
  • School outreach program! We're going to be running slam workshops for high school students, letting them write and perform their own poems and proving to that that poetry isn't all about meter and rhyme.
  • Even more slams! Aiming never to disappoint we've already organised out Kick-off slam (Red Room 6PM March 20th!) and have many more underway, stay tuned!
So here's to an awesome 2014!

Poetica gratia poeticae
Poetry for poetry's sake

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