Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week 10 Newsletter

Week 10 Newsletter Greetings Symposiasts! 
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Last week’s them was wisdom and, although we were without our beloved president—for Caitlin and Josh were out attending noble duties—we carried on to gather what wisdoms we could. Many sage lessons were shared; Brian read for us an insightful Bible verse, Geraldine recited 'The Storie (sic) of William Canynge' by Thomas Chatterton, and these were but a few of the gems shared. Laura shared some of her favourite Roald Dahl poems—a perfect finale to the meeting.

Entertainment Corner

What We're Hearing
This week, Michael shared the powerful and moving song that had come to him in the wisdom of a dream. It was sung by a wise old woman and warned him of troubled winds ahead.
On our facebook page, Brian linked us to a rather awesome video he made for Green Day’s ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams.’ Check it out!

Writing Challenge
This theme for the second official Symposium writing contest is:

Describe an animal in a way converse to their stereotypical portrayal
Good luck, entries are due at the final meeting of the semester.



ps. Please leave book/story/blog/etc recommendations on our facebook page! Our "What we’re reading’ section is ver sadly empty this week.

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