Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 9 Newsletter

Greetings Symposiasts!

I hope you all had a nice break and are refreshed for another term of poetic greatness!

Calendar & Updates
This past Friday was out first meeting of the new term sadly, with the impending doom of assignments and exams, turnout was smaller than usual but we encourage you all to come along for a much-needed break and a chance to wind down before you plough into another week of study. Last week, we heard poems that tied into the theme of colours. Josh shared with us a classic Yates poem, Geraldine read a delightful snippet from a PG Wodenhouse story involving gambling for a footrace at a village fair and a poor choir boy named Harrold. We also heard Lan’s heart-breaking and soul-touching drabble that related to both the colour and man-as-a-flower themes. Lastly were some fun poems about the colour—or some argue tone—black.

For those of you confused as to the venue change for out movie night, we are back in our usual place—General Purpose—on Fridays at 5pm. At the next meeting we are going to discuss details of the next writing contest and also our poetry-slam/cocktail fundraiser.

Entertainment Corner

What We're Hearing
This week, Brian shared with us a fun song about the colours of love: New Indigo. It seems this song—and its artists—have an underground following at symposium with many members confessing they follow its producers on youtube!

What We're Reading
Over the next few weeks it seems most of us will be reading textbooks and lecture slides, but the UQ Alumni Book Fair last week was a chance to pick up a few good reads for the study breaks. Feel free to bring along some of your poetry finds to symposium meetings!

For those of you who missed out, the Lifeline Bookfest is from the 11-14 June at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Writing Challenge
This week’s fun writing challenge is to make a few critics cringe and go purple with prose! Have fun breaking all those writing rules.



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