Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 11 Newsletter

Greetings Symposiasts! 

Calendar & Updates
This week we had a wilde week, watching the film Wilde, about one of our favourites: Oscar Wilde. We festooned ourselves with green carnations graciously provided by Bronte and settled down for what was an epic trek through literary history.

Afterwards, we headed again to Nandos but we’re still open to new suggestions for nest week’s dinner.

We’re also themeless at this point, so please suggest a theme you’d like to cover on our facebook page.

Entertainment Corner

What We’re Reading
Geraldine would like to report that the book I mentioned last week, 'You Can't Do Both' by Kingsley Amis, was not the book she was hoping for; so perhaps don’t rush out to buy it, but she has recommended a movie for us this week.

What We’re Watching
Geraldine recommends Glorious 39,  a  breathtaking BBC historical film set pre WWII, and available to watch on on youtube.

Writing Challenge
This week’s fun writing challenge is: write a piece that explores what it means to be wild.



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