Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome to Symposium 2012!

Greetings Symposiasts!

Calendar & Events
Welcome to another year of poetry and certain craziness. This year we are proud to welcome back our executives, and welcome some new faces:

Madame President: Caitlin Prouatt
Monsieur Vice President: Joshua Lovett
Minister of Propaganda: Michael Astle
Mistress of the Mint (Embezzler of Funds): Felicity Ford
Lady of the Letters: Laura McKenna
Priestess of the Press: Katelyn Richards

Symposium is going to be bigger and better than ever this year! Given all the fun we had last year attending (and for a few brave souls, competing!) the Brisbane heats of the National Poetry Slam, we're holding our very own slams this year. Entry into the (friendly!) competitions is free for members, just flash your Symposiast card.

The first two slams will be on March 23rd and May 11th, at Cafe Checocho in West End.

In addition to organising our bustling social calendar, our Minister of Propaganda has also arranged some great deals for Symposiasts: a 10% discount with our good friends at Archives Fine Books and membership to the Queensland Writers' Centre.

Madame President is currently arranging for guest speakers from the QWC, entry to QWC events and more! I'll keep you all posted as it happens.

We've also planned our weekly themes in advance this year, with the first week's theme being holidays. Bring a poem to this theme,  an epic story from your travels or perhaps some happy snaps you'd like to share. Our meetings, as usual, will be at 5pm on Fridays, starting on March 2nd, Bld 39a, room 209. Afterwards, those who are feeling peckish can venture out for the weekly dinner pilgrimage.

Entertainment Corner
This year, I'd love to see your words filling this section of the newsletter! Send me your poems, your stories, blurbs about your favourite books or movies or songs. Even if it's just a note about your new favourite place to eat, or an awesome microwave cupcake recipe, I'm happy to put it in this section. (If you have any ideas for a better title or sub-titles, send them my way too!)

I'm also happy to announce that while on exchange to Edinburgh, our very own Geraldine shall be our foreign correspondent  and write back with all the latest literary news from Scotland. I look forward to her letters and castle adventures!

Writing Challenge
I thought I'd kick this year's writing challenge off with something a little philosophical (and related to the first week's theme):

the journey or the destination?

I look forward to seeing you all at meetings!


Priestess of the Press

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