Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Week 1 Newsletter

Greetings Symposiasts! 

Calendar & Updates
Last week’s them was history and, a historic event it was. We heard Geraldine’s rendition of William Pitt the Younger’s speech to abolish the slave trade in England and our president and vice president shared with us some gorgeous poems from both Tennyson and Yeats: ‘Maud’ and 'Byzantium'. We were delighted to hear Brian sing for us his original song ‘She Says “Love Me”’. The song very beautifully referred to the uncertainty of love and new relationships, a theme which we all were able to connect and indentify with. It was an inspiring moment and received an eruption of applause from the audience!

Michael has posted a list on our facebook page of suggestions for themes this semester. Please vote for your favourite!

Entertainment Corner

What We're Hearing
This week we are of course all entranced by Brian’s beautiful songs, which can be found on his youtube channel.

For those of you who have already started to batten down your study hatches, I would like to suggest Adele’s new album 21 as a good study playlist. The songs are all very pensive and lovelorn, but at the same time speak of power and resilience. Perfect to inspire your intellectual will!

Writing Challenge

In light the discussions at last meeting, this week’s fun writing challenge is:
Write using a strict rhyme scheme. Then re-write the poem without rhyme, focusing instead on meaning. See how different the invited readings of the two poems are.



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