Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 3 Newsletter

Greetings Symposiasts! 

Calendar & Updates
Firstly, my apologies for not posting a newsletter last week, I was unfortunately unable to attend the meeting and the other lovely execs have been very busy (submitting chapters of their theses no less)!

Last week, the theme was foreign languages. Jess and Felicity both read gorgeous French poems: ‘Le Peintemps’ by Théophile Gautier and ‘La Niut D’Aube’ by Luc Benimont. Caitlin read Eis Demetran, a Homeric Hymn and Lan read some beautiful Vitenamise works—an extract from ‘The Tale of Kiêū’ by Nguyen Du and ‘Trāng Gîang’ by Huy Cân, which she translated herself!

Next week, the theme will be ‘favourite TV shows as children’. You could bring a rhyme from a favourite cartoon, a theme song maybe, an ode to the Wiggles…all those happy childhood memories!

We also have some very exciting news; Symposium is going to the Australian Poetry Slam Workshop on Thursday, September 8, and the slam contest on the Friday after. Anyone interested should RSVP to the event on our facebook page, so we can book enough places for everyone who wants to go.

Also, for our history enthusiasts, you are all invited to An Evening with Odysseas Elytis on this Friday, the 19th August 2011, 7.30pm at the Greek Community Centre (29 Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane.  
We’re going to have the traditional post-Symposium pizza dinner during the meeting so those who want to attend the evening can leave a little earlier and get the bus together. When this week’s event page is posted, just comment with your pizza preference!
Here's a little bit more information about the evening--
“The event will celebrate the centenary of the birth of the poet Odysseas Elytis, who was awarded Greece’s second Nobel Prize for Literature in 1979 and will be co-ordinated by Dr Alfred Vincent (Emeritus Professor, University of New South Wales). The evening will also feature the young musicians from the Southside Parish Music Group.”

Entertainment Corner
What We're Hearing
I’ve been doing a bit of research into poetry slams and have found some wonderful spoken-word artists. These are two of my favourites; the power of their words is breath taking:

If you find any poetry slam artists whose work you like, leave a comment below and we can watch them at next week’s meeting!

Writing Challenge
In light of our in-depths discussions about perceptions, this week’s fun writing challenge is:

think of someone you admire; or someone who you wish you were like. Write a poem through their eyes—from what they see at their best, and what they see at their worst.

Remember we are all human; everyone is an exception to the rule!



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