Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 4 Newsletter

Greetings Symposiasts! 

Calendar & Updates
Firstly, my apologies for not posting this newsletter last week, but I’m back on top of things now!

Week 4’s theme was childhood and admittedly, although one childhood book was read, the remainder of the time was spent watching snippets from childhood TV shows while eating our favourite pizza!

Afterwards however, a few keen symposiasts attended An Evening with Odysseas Elytis. It was a wonderful experience, learning about a culture, and a man, most of us knew little of. I found it amazing to be first bewildered by many of the poems, to then see their beauty as the cultural and translational references were explained: by Dr. Alfred Vincent, whom lectured the evening.

Some of the poems however, needed no explanation; they touched a very basal place in the collective human experience that transcended both age and culture. Once such poem was an extract from a series of letters entitled ‘Maria Nefeli’

For those of you who are interested, Caitlin will keep us posted about future excursions and lectures, keep checking our facebook page for updates!

Entertainment Corner
What We're Hearing
In the spirit of the theme, I’d like to share with you an old favourite, as recommended by Grant:

Writing Challenge
To concur with this week’s theme:

write a poem to a child, teaching them the lessons you wish you had learned at that age.



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